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We like to keep things simple for our clients, with no surprises at the year-end. We charge on a monthly agreed fixed-fee basis. You will always know what you are paying.

Every business is different and we don’t want to restrict you and offer you services you don’t need. That is why our approach to our services integrated with Xero accounting is bespoke and designed to mix our expertise with your in-house capabilities. All services come with your own dedicated accountant, Xero subscription and access to your accounts. Most of our clients are growing businesses and entrepreneurs who want to focus on what they do best and let us focus on what we do best.

What makes us stand out from other firms offering similar services?

We understand the importance of business owners having access to real time information of how their business is performing, on the go, and that to be successful business owners need that information today, not in a year’s time or longer. Most businesses already have an accountant who gives financial advice on their annual performance and tax liabilities, but business owners need something more; someone who won’t cost a lot but who will add value to your business, who can help you be more efficient, effective and coordinated. Someone who will be proactive in giving advice, who will be there when they need them. Someone to help you grow.
Magic Beans

Accountancy is the kind of business I think most people go by word of mouth and certainly that way for me. Everyone I have used in the past has been recommended to me as I’m not comfortable picking a random person to look at my finances. If I then feel they are of benefit to my business and find them trustworthy and knowledgeable, I am happy to continue to use them.

I left my first accountant because I felt they weren't knowledgeable enough in certain areas and then [another accountant] just weren't of benefit to my business anymore. Yourself and Sharon have so far ticked all 3 boxes

Magical Financial Care

for businesses and individuals who are looking for help with all the basics

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Growing Entrepreneurs

for businesses focused on growth, who need extra help

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Outsourced Controller

For businesses that need full financial information to help make key business decisions

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